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the artist — christopher rebele

During his studies in Archaology at the UC Santa Barbara in the late 1980s, Rebele became fascinated with the manner in which different societies portrayed themselves and their myths through sculpture.

His initial forays into sculpture were a conscious attempt to try something new - a way of showing motion and dynamism through what came to be known as "the plank method". Christopher created several pieces in this style, culminating with "The Minotaur Hunts", a 300 pound creature of baltic birch plywood. The piece was featured in local press coverage and received rave reviews at the 2000 Santa Cruz Open Studios.

As Rebele's work has gained more visibility, his style has evolved as well. Branching off into a more classical, abstract representation in wood, he refined his technique and focused on balance, musculature, and tone.

Several of these continuous-form wood pieces became bronzes, through a collaboration with local bronze master Sean Monaghan. This departure into a material Christopher had been inspired by in his student days prompted him to investigate working in stone.

Rebele's latest works utilize dynamic combinations of various stone materials in an exploration of negative space and the connections between points of visual interest. This re-thinking of the body provides some of his most unique and challenging pieces.

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